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This picture, is a sighting supposedly in Mexico – but this looks like it is most likely a fake, it almost looks as if the ship, was pasted onto a picture of Mexico.
Also if you look at the size relative to the housing below, this would have been seen by almost everyone around that neighborhood – This is most likely a hoax photo

1960-Yacanto, Cordoba, Argentina. July 3. This photograph was taken by Hugo F. Niotti, then a captain of the AAF. On July 3, 1960, Niotti was driving from Yacanto toward Cordoba. At approximately 4:30 PM, he was in the area of Villa General Belgrano, about 70 Km from the city of Cordoba. He suddenly noticed a rather close and unusual object hovering near the ground to the right of the road. He grabbed his camera and took this one picture. It was deemed authentic by Servicio de Informaciones de Aeronautica.

967-Rome, Italy. Drew Wright took this picture in Rome on July 18, 1997 at 10:00 am: “I had a terrible hangover from all the cheap red wine I had imbibed the night before, my first night in Italy. As I saw the “thing,” some local boys were saying “il disco,” and pointing skyward. I snapped this quick shot before it vanished. I never made it to the Sixtine Chapel.”

Lima, Peru, Feb 2, 1967. This is the only surviving photo of the funnel-shaped flying object that paced the Fawcett Airlines DC-4 passenger liner in flight from Piura to Lima on February 2, 1967, at 06:30 P.M. The passengers were all held for interrogation by authorities after the plane landed. Several of the passengers had taken photos of the strange craft alongside the airliner, but all cameras were taken and all film was confiscated. One passenger, who insisted on remaining anonymous, succeeded in saving his film from which this single photograph was made.

1967-Zagreb, Yugoslavia. This picture has been taken on November 23, 1967 by Farcich Zoran, near Zagreb. Ironically, the two “orbs” are very similar to what is being filmed around the world the last two or three years, especially in California.

Petit Rechain, Belgium, 1990. One of the most famous UFO pictures ever taken. The photographer, to my knowledge, still remains unnamed. Taken on an April night during a well known “wave,” the photo very clearly shows a triangle-shaped object with lights. One of the best proofs of UFOs we have. Original photo was too dark to show object outline, and had to be lightened.

November 1976 South Herwang, Indonesia. By 2:00pm, engineer Tony Hartono had taken a series of photographs of an off-shore oil rig that his employer ARCO was building. He was shooting from a launch. With his last exposure, his took this photo as he looked at the ocean. The object appeared a yellowish color as it approached quite near to him after his last photo was snapped.

May 13, 1978, 4.00 a.m., Shiraz/Tehran, Iran 16 year old student Iamshid Saiadipour took this photograph of a UFO through the window of his parent’s apartment. The object was hovering motionless in the night sky. The picture was published on May 18, 1978 by the newspaper “Tehran Magazine” and ended up in the files of the US Defense Intelligence Agency. In 1980, the files were released under the Freedom of Information Act.

1979-Oulu, Finland. A picture taken by a named Rheneas Niequest in Oulu, Finland, on August 11, 1977

1980 April 4, Charleston, South Carolina. Bill Herrmann was mesmerized as he took this photograph while standing in a field. He was staring at a UFO with a 40 ft. diameter. The UFO would hover at times, and at other times slowly move. The UFO made a buzzing sound. A traditional silvery, shiny disc shaped object.

Vancouver, Canada, 1981. On October 8, 1981, Hannah Roberts was traveling toward Kelsey Bay by the Isle of Vancouver.Along with friends, she stopped to take some photographs of the surrounding landscape. Several days afterwards, when the photographs were developed, they noticed on one photograph a discoidal object in the sky. They do not remember noticing anything in the sky at the time photograph was taken. Richard F. Haines, a retired NASA scientist who became a famous Ufologist, carries out a thorough analysis of the negative and cannot discover any tampering either. His analysis is inserted in the scientific report of the Sturrock Panel.

1982/83 East Germany. This is an excellent photograph. The pic was given to UFO researcher Michael Hesemann on a lecture tour. A retired officer of the National People’s Army of the old GDR entrusted the photo to Hesemann, telling him that a comrade of his took the picture during a close encounter one night during a training exercise. A photo from that domain is extremely rare.

1989-Somewhere in Mexico. I have absolutely no details on this image except what can be discerned from the photograph itself. It appears that someone was checking out their livestock, or filming the same, and saw the oval shaped UFO, stopped and took a photo.

1991-Space Shuttle Discovery, mission “STS-51a” Enlargement of the light metal coloured sphere taken from the video camera on board the Space Shuttle Discovery “STS-51a”. The UFO is similar to the one seen on mission “STS-37”, of April 1991. UFO is considered to be space debris by debunkers.

2004-April, 23. Long Island New York. This very impressive image of lights was taken by a lady who is identified only as Marjorie. Early morning, she took her camera and captured some 25 photos of the sky that day, using a welder’s glass to keep her eyes from the sun’s harm. They were taken with a JVC digital camera. An avid photographer, she was shocked to see the object in the sky.

2004-September. Taipei, China. A Taipei citizen claimed he has taken photos of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) using his cellphone.Reported by http://www.chinataiwan.com. Lin Qingjiang, a worker in Hualian County of Taipei, discovered a suspected UFO, shaped like a large bamboo hat, at about 10 pm when he was resting outside the house, the reports said. Lin was quoted as saying that the suspected UFO flew towards east and west five times within 10 minutes. But it had disappeared when he wanted to ask others to share in the excitement after taking photos through the cellphone.

2004-Canada-December 4. Received a photo of a definite UFO from Tim in Canada. The photo was taken on December 4, 2004 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I have enlarged the section of the object in the night sky and attempted to brighten and increase the contrast on the second photo and then posterized the third photo. I used Adobe Photoshop for all tests regarding the object. A clear image of a solid object is evident. Is it an extraterrestrial UFO?, I don’t know. It is a definitely an unidentifed flying object – absolutely.

2005-February 13. This exceptionally beautiful UFO photo was taken with a cellphone camera, and is an example of a type of photo that is likely to appear more often now that cameras in cellphones and personal digital assistants that people carry with them all the time are becoming more and more common. The individual who took this picture writes: “I took this photo when I was driving to work at about 5:00 AM. The light was coming from the southwest. The cell phone camera that I used was a Sanyo 8100. I am not sure what this light was, but I thought it was amazing and I am very glad I had my phone with me. If it helps any, the light looked like it was about 1/4 mile away from me. I noticed in the photo it looks a lot farther away.”

2005-Puerto Rico. While I was at the University of Puerto Rico Enclosure of Rio Piedras, I was approached by a group of students who provided this photograph to me. The information that they provided to me was about a group of fishermen of Manatí, Puerto Rico. On the 31st of July 2005 at about 10:30 at night they took a photo with a digital camera while observing apparent unusual extended UFOs traveling from north to the south in straight form. The sighting lasted about two minutes or so. Report by: Prof. Reinaldo Ríos.

2006-March 10-A chance photograph of a UFO has been taken in Orizaba by Rossana Tejeda Lopez. The photograph was taken at night on March, 10, when the Moon was bright. Rossana filmed the UFO from her garage. Her first photo there is a very luminous, orange-colored object. The second photo does not show an object, but the third one does. There was nothing unusual seen by the photographer as she was snapping the photos. She was only trying to photograph the sky. © R T Lopez



1. Geanne - April 14, 2009

Re the 1981 Kelsey Bay photo by Hannah Roberts: you have cropped it so the UFO isn’t even in the picture.

2. Andre - October 4, 2010

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